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What We Do


Fundraising and M&A Support for Startups

We support startups in the United States and Japan in their pre and post seed to early stage fundraising.

We utilize our networks with VCs, angel investors, strategic corporates, debt providers and more! Based on your startup needs, our professionals who are familiar with financing and the startup ecosystem, provide tailor-made fundraising strategies and build pitch decks for you. We support an entire fundraising process for your startup.

You can think of us as “CFO as a service.”

Open Innovation Program

You may have heard of this term for the first time. Basically “Open Innovation” is a process of connecting startup companies and enterprises to fill needs from both sides. Many leading companies, which already have vast customer bases and other assets, seek collaboration opportunities with startups as yours. You can share your  products to boost your business if you think it’s the right fit.

Scout Program

We introduce you to the most promising startups in the United States and Japan. These startups include ones selected by premium accelerators such as Y combinator and 500 Startups. We can also reach out to untapped startups based on your target criteria.

Why Hatchbox?

Japan Network

Based in San Jose, in the heart of the tech-industry, we are actively networking with VCs, startups, and accelerators.

In addition, we have intensive networks with leading companies and VCs from Japan, one of the most innovative countries. Startups which are thinking of expanding their businesses internationally are most welcomed.  

Over 7 Years of Industry Experience

Hatchbox's management has over 7 years of industry experience. We have provided advisory services for fundraising, M&A and IPO transactions.

Our expertise enables us to successfully guide startups in the execution of their fundraising and exits.

4 Venture Investment Experiences

We have invested in three seed startups that have been selected for the Y Combinator and 500 Startups accelerator programs even we are an advisory firm. Also our management has experience to raise $9million internationally for a startup company.




Butlr is a private-by-design people sensing platform using body heat to detect occupancy, headcount and activity, and generate accurate, real-time and historical spatial insights.

Handl provides a flexible API for document capture and data extraction by merging deep learning with human-in-the-loop.

Easiest & fastest way to save & invest. Spenny roundups your everyday transactions and invests the spare change into mutual funds.



Connecting Startups and Leading Companies

Hatchbox is a professional firm supporting startups trying to change the world and leading enterprises creating innovation. We boost your startups and projects to make it happen to create the better world.

Founder and CEO

Kaz Okamoto