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Investment Types

Early-stage Tokens

Exposure to new protocols and decentralized autonomous organizations associated with tokenization.

Traditional Equity

Exposure to equity in companies building products and services in the Web3 ecosystem.

Why Hatchbox?

Japan Network

Based in San Francisco, in the heart of the WEB3 ecosystem, we are actively building our community with builders, investors, and incubators.

In addition, we have intensive networks with leading companies and investors from Japan, one of the most innovative countries.

Over 7 Years of Industry Experience

Hatchbox's management has over 7 years of industry experience. We have provided advisory services for fundraising, M&A and IPO transactions.

Our expertise enables us to successfully guide startups in the execution of their fundraising and exits.

4 Venture Investment Experiences

We have invested in four seed startups that have been selected for the premium accelerator programs. We are adding more projects in the WEB3 ecosystem as portfolio organizations.

Believing in Blockchain

Hatchbox is dedicated to investing in projects and organizations in the web3 ecosystem.




Kaz Okamoto

Founder of Hatchbox Ventures